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Life Science Career

2003: Present, Founder and Chairman, Swedish-American Life Science Summit​

The Swedish-American Life Science Summit (SALSS) is an annual by-invitation-only conference bringing together some of the most renowned Life Science executives, scientists, entrepreneurs, and investors. The aim is to build strategic and collaborative relationships between academia, industry, and funding, thus enhancing global Life Science business. The intense and exclusive three-day program features insights from top-notch speakers, high-level panel discussions, presentations of promising companies including a Rising Star competition selected by a world class jury. During its almost 20 years of existence, SALSS has become an exclusive leader and hallmark for latest trends and developments in the Life Science Industry worldwide.

1993: President, DuHaan Groupe, Inc. 
Investment Advisory to Swedish Corporations, active both in the United States and Sweden in areas of strategic partnering, licensing, acquisitions, and market development. Interface with venture capitalists with specific focus relating to transactions in the Life Science area. Actively identifying and financing new promising entities in the field and helping in creating financially successful solutions.

1985 – 1987: Partner, Argosy Capital

Boutique venture capital firm specializing in Swedish-American business ventures with emphasis on healthcare related products.

Swedish Secret

In 1987, Barbro founded the skincare company Swedish Secret, offering premium skincare products to the U.S. mass market. The Swedish Secret Superior Moisturizer was chosen Best New Product of the Year and received huge media coverage for inventing catchy and innovative marketing tools which positioned Swedish Secret Superior Moisturizer as Class in Mass, a novelty at the time. 

Faces of the company included Swedish princess Christina, Kjerstin Dellert and three Swedish Miss Universe; Hillevi Robin, Margareta Arvidsson and Yvonne Ryding. 

Swedish Secret, Barbro Ehnbom, New York
Swedish Secret, Barbro Ehnbom, New York
Barbro Ehnbom, Swedish Miss Universe; Hillevi Robin, Margareta Arvidsson and Yvonne Ryding. 

Corporate career

1982 – 1984: Director of Corporate Development, Glaxo Smith Kline

Responsible for licensing and acquisition activities, including strategic planning functions. Responsible for advantageous sell-off of large consumer product division of corporation.

1979 – 1981: Securities Analyst, L.F. Rothschild

Achieved distinction of one of three top selling analysts in America during tenure at company. Major area of coverage was the healthcare industry.

1976 – 1979: Vice President, Selling Analyst, Delafield Childs

Published book on “Colds and Cough Products and Companies” which received huge

interest both from Wall Street and from the pharmaceutical industry.

1973 – 1976: Product Manager, American Home Products

Responsible for major brand management and strategic positioning of product message for Anacin, no. 1 analgesic in America with a $30 million advertising budget. Created a women’s contraceptive, still on the market today.

1970 – 1973: Market Research Manager, Richardson-Vick (P&G)

Responsible for market research of colds products and toiletries. Created DayQuil, still to this day a major colds remedy in the U.S. and worldwide.

Barbro Ehnbom, New York, Young, Investment Banker

Other engagements 

  • Co-producer of “Seeds of Hope”, a book of poems, artwork, and memoirs of young students in New York following the tragic events of 9/11, 2001. The book was published with the corporation of New York Fire Commissioner Thomas von Essen. Portions of the proceeds from sales was donated to the "special 9/11 program" at The Fresh Air Fund. 

  • Women in Need (WIN) sheltering for young homeless women with children in New York City in close cooperation with IKEA. 

  • Political involvement and activist for abortion rights in cooperation with Gloria Steinem & Bella Abzug. 

  • Involved in fundraising for abortion rights and gun control with current U.S. Congresswoman Diana Degette. 

Evert Taube, Northern Lights, 1990, Barbro Ehnbom
Seeds of Hope, foreword by Thomas von Essen, 30th firecomissioner in the city of New York
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