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Barbro Ehnbom

Business & Rock´n´roll

The Swedish-American business woman Barbro Ehnbom has become renowned for her valuable networks and her successful business-generating activities. Through the female network Barbro’s Best & Brightest, the Female Economist of the Year award and within Life Science she is best known as the founder of SALSS, the Swedish-American Life Science Summit. 


Barbro, raised in Stockholm with four siblings, is the daughter of Bertil Ehnbom, Head of Department at the National Audit Office, and Astrid Grönstedt, Doctor of the Arts.


Barbro left her doctoral studies at The Economic Research Institute in 1969 and moved across the Atlantic to pursue her dreams of America (and Elvis). After an assignment at Columbia University, she came to work in various roles within the pharmaceutical industry and on Wall Street as a company manager and analyst. Throughout her professional career, she has actively worked to foster collaborations between Swedish and American businesses, not only in her profession as an investment banker, but also as a long-time board member of the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce. She continued her dedication to enhancing professional networks across the Atlantic by founding the Swedish American Life Science Summit (SALSS) in 2005, a by-invite-only Life Science Summit for Swedish- and American executives and scientists. 


Over the years, Barbro has also been passionate about supporting women in their professional careers, as she found herself to be the only woman in male-dominated board rooms. In 2001, Ehnbom took the initiative to create the Female Economist of the Year, a scholarship awarded annually to an outstanding female student at the Stockholm School of Economics. In the same year, she founded the network BBB - Barbro's Best & Brightest for young ambitious women, initially only for Business School students but later broadened to include women from other universities and other areas of activity. 

Want to know more?
Listen to Barbros "Sommarprat" in P1 (in Swedish).


  • ​Summa Cum Laude MBA Graduate of the Stockholm School of Economics.

  • Post Graduate studies at the Economic Research Institute at SSE.

  • Post Graduate Studies at Columbia University, New York, N.Y. Assisted Professor Assar Lindbeck in researching “The Political Economy of the New Left.”

Honors and achievements

  • Chosen to participate in Swedish Public Radio show (SR) “Sommar i P1 2017” after which she was voted top three out of 80 speakers. 

  • Honorary Dame de Merit, 2016 (MOC Norden).

  • Role Model of the Year, 2015 (Female Network Klara K).

  • Life Science Profile of the Year, 2015 (Swedish Pharmaceuticals Magazine).

  • Chair Emeritus of the Swedish Economists of New York.

  • Founder and Executive Director of the Female Economist of the Year FEOY Award (Stockholm School of Economics, SSE).

  • Founder and Executive Director of Barbro’s Best & Brightest Network, BBB, receiving the 1st Gold Medal for support of the Stockholm School of Economics at 100 Year Anniversary.

  • Teacher of Business Law and Ethics at the Stockholm School of Economics.

  • Top Three Financial Analyst in America 1975 - Institutional Investor

  • Selected one of 100 Most Famous Swedes outside Sweden.


  • 2005– Founder & Chairman - Swedish American Life Science Summit (SALSS)

  • 2001– Founder & Executive Director - Barbro's Best & Brightest Network (BBB)​

  • 1993– President - DuHaan Groupe Inc., Investment Advisory 

  • 1987–1992 Founder, Chairman & CEO - Swedish Secret, Inc.

  • 1985–1987 Partner - Argosy Capital

  • 1982–1984 Director of Corporate Development - Smith Kline Corporation

  • 1979–1981 Securities Analyst - L.F. Rothschild

  • 1976–1979 Vice President, Selling Analyst - Delafield Childs Corporation

  • 1973–1976 Product Manager - American Home Products​

  • 1970–1973 Market Research Manager - Richardson-Vick Corporation

Board engagements

Additional Affiliations

  • National Association of Female Executives 

  • Financial Womens Association 

  • National Association of Women 

  • National democratic Committee

  • Gun Control 

  • Committee of 200 (Most Powerful Women)

  • The Int. Citizen Assembly to Stop Spread Weapons

  • Women in Need 

  • Meals on Wheels 

  • National Alliance of Breast Cancer Organizations 

  • Int. Breast Cancer Research Foundation 

  • The Association for a Better New York 

  • The Interschool Orchestras of New York 

  • Swedish Women Educational Association 

  • Innercity Kids Reproduction Rights Program 

Barbro Ehnbom, New York, Business woman

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